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The writing of each novel has been an experience, an experience I hope will be transmitted to the reader. Whether it's the realm of the fantastic or the earthbound, my memory of each of these of my children lives as though I lived through the experiences thus entailed.

I also created each of the covers displayed. As the author I've made sure that each cover reflects what's between the covers. If you've made it to this page I hope you'll give my tales a go. I'm confident you'll find something to transport you as my writing has transported me.

Set in the wasteland that is present-day Detroit, Rick Jason finds himself himself changed into a creature of the night and becomes Falco, the vampire vigilante who uses his powers to destroy evil rather than revel in it. In his mission he encounters an even greater evil than himself.

In the second of a trilogy, Falco sets his sights on the scourge that is the heroin trade. His investigation leads to an ancient fortress high in the Canadian Rockies where he must confront an ancient evil of unspeakable provenance. His foes include gangsters, a powerful vampire and an ancient demon.

Falco's quest to end the heroin trade leads him to destroy a network of gangsters and follows the manufacturing of heroin back to its source in Afghanistan. His quest leads high into the Himalayas and deep into a cave where he discovers a greater evil than he ever imagined existed.

Falco IV cover4_edited-1.jpg

After Falco's mate is abducted to Mexico he must mount an expedition to get her back. He encounters warring drug cartels, of which the head of one is reviving the ancient Aztec religion complete with human sacrifice. In the prologue we learn about the history of Falco's obsidian knife.

A dark secret haunts Mardi Gras in New Orleans where 19th Century pirates who've become vampires ply a modern take on the ancient bloodcraft of the brotherhood of the night.

Falco faces a powerful voodoo queen who poses a threat beyond anything he's ever encountered.

A tragic 50s noir that starts in postwar Japan concerns a man who's inability to resist temptation drives him to make decisions that will ultimately take everything he cares about from him. In the process he encounters a shadowy conspiracy that reaches to the very heights of power.

In a future where the Earth is ruled by a fascist dictatorship, the only chance for prosperity is through a wormhole to a planet where a man can reap the rewards of his own hands. A rapacious species threatens all life in the Universe. The most powerful spaceship ever created is mankind's only hope.

In the sequel to Faithless Heart, Mark McMichaels finds himself with the chance to redeem himself. While he can never atone for his past, he risks all so the people in his life will have the chance at a normal life that he will never have. He will go to Mexico and Thailand before he's finished.

Four brothers. Two black. Two white. Two slaves. Two free. Together they face the challenges of their time, fighting on opposite sides in the American Civil War and battling Indians out West. They return to Georgia to right ancient wrongs.

Commencing with Victor Orloff's origin tale, the story shifts to present day where three quests converge in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania: refugees from the East seeking a better life in the West, students from Michigan State on a European journey of discovery and Falco and his friends who are hired to find one of the students. Falco's premonitions prove more than true.

The epic story of a man who was abducted from his family when he was a boy on Rhodes, becomes an elite fighter for the Ottoman Empire and ultimately changes his loyalties, becoming  a wealthy Venetian trader. In gratitude for his newfound fortune he pledges all he has in service of the Serene Republic.

He gets his chance to prove his fealty by fighting at the Battle of Lepanto.

All of Hollywood's top actors would die for a part in the genius auteur, Welles Lang's latest picture. Little do they know they will get their wish.

Science Fiction and horror, with more than a little bit of romance and adventure combine in this take of a possible future of popular entertainment.
Welles Lang's Magic Box is an entertaining, mind-bending tale.

What if the next spectacular terrorist attack originated not from a recent immigrant or the sons of immigrants, but from an American from the heartland?

After becoming radicalized in Iraq an American soldier converts to Islam and after returning stateside sets out on a mission of revenge that will shake the American homeland to its core.

Nomad Nurse cover 2_edited-1 copy.jpg

William Moreau rides a Harley from town to town and carries a .45 just in case. He works for hospitals that have learned to appreciate his special touch. What he doesn't know is that someone who's been killing nurses he once knew is now stalking him and threatens the life of anyone he cares about.

Colton Lang used to be a contender. Now he’s a private detective who occasionally does collections for his old manager. He takes a job and uncovers a criminal conspiracy that threatens not only him, but his ex-wife and son as well. Before all is done, the skills he honed in the ring are brought to bear to save the lives of those who are most precious to him.

In a world where the incubation of men is banned, a brilliant, empathetic scientist rescues an illegal man from his sadistic owner, launching a power struggle between the status quo and the agents of change.

One hundred and fifty years after the incubation of men was banned, Eleanora Duncan stumbles on a shocking secret. A Colony of lower-caste women is incubating baby boys for sale.

When Eleanora discovers that a man she bonded with at the Colony is suffering abuse by her owner, she comes to his aid, igniting a power struggle that could launch a civil war.

Boise Eclipse Cover for web.jpeg

The average person regards a celestial event like a total eclipse of the sun with awe. Not so, Carla King, owner of the strip club temporarily rechristened "Eclipse" in Boise, Idaho. She uses the cover of the celestial event and the allure of her beauty to put together a gang of thieves to rob a nearby bank while the police are focused on traffic control in the paths of totality.

The crime novel, Boise Eclipse, is loaded with sizzling dialogue, sex, violence, romance, betrayal, and surprise. A great read that will keep you engaged to the last word.

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