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After living most of my life in Southern California, I recently relocated to Boise, Idaho so my wife could be closer to her sister. We’re blessed by my sister-in-law’s husband’s extended family. Our house warming was a Thanksgiving celebration for 21!

I've been self-publishing since 2013 when I threw caution to the wind and once again began to write fiction.

Initially, I began with two novels I dreamed about writing for years. Becoming bogged down with the challenges of addressing my chosen subjects in a comprehensible fashion, realizing the amount of research I had ahead of me, I read a colleague’s father’s novel, “Heaven’s Pavement” by Juarez Roberts and found myself wanting to write something as immediate, involving and wholly formed as that work. Roberts’ novel is essentially a memoir of his experiences as a paratrooper landing behind enemy lines in Normandy. The novel follows the author’s exploits through the end of World War II and the following occupation.

One of the things that was extraordinary about the novel is that it was written on what was essentially the author’s deathbed while he was suffering from cancer. He successfully conveys the thoughts and emotions of a young man facing certain death in war, miraculously surviving. The title refers to the dead souls of his wartime companions who didn’t make it. I highly recommend Juarez Roberts’ book. His book inspired me to write better. I wanted to write something as immediate and fully formed so I turned to a crazy dream I’d had decades before: a night on the town interrupted by vampires with only a few hours to save my girlfriend before transforming into a vampire myself. I wrote the short story originally entitled “Bitten,”  later entitled “Blood Moon.” I expanded it into a novel which became “Falco the Dark Angel.” While editing the first draft I realized that Blood Moon suggested a trilogy. I had a vision while hiking in the hills above my future hometown of Boise, Idaho and knew that I had to write them all.

After completing the trilogy I wrote three more in the series and then turned to other things, ultimately completing the two I'd originally begun, “The Brothers Tremaine” and “The Masters of Time and Space.”

Fast forward to present day, I've published 15 novels on Amazon and have 17 more in varying stages of completion!

I’ve been querying literary agents of late with hopes of finding traditional publishing partners. I hope to find an ally to work with soon.

I’ve written several terse crime novels but that's not all. I’ve written speculative fiction and a gender-bending espionage novel. I also wrote a sequel to my science fiction novel “The Masters of Time and Space,” entitled “Into the Vortex.”

After returning to crime, I wrote a 30s noir in Sam Spade territory, San Francisco. The kicker with my novel is that the hard-boiled San Francisco detective is Chinese. He’s been hired to find out what happened to a man who disappeared while working on the transcontinental railroad in the 1860s. I completed a second draft and made changes after a Chinese American friend read it for me.

Another of my latest novels is based on the Knights of Saint John, the Hospitallers, who unlike the Templars still exist. I read several stirring history books about their order while researching what became “The Merchant, the Janissary, and the Corsair”. At one time their headquarters was on the island of Rhodes, which I visited in 2016. After Rhodes was conquered by Suleiman the Magnificent he allowed the Knights to leave. They reestablished themselves on the Island of Malta where they once again faced down the Ottoman Empire, fighting nearly to the last man to achieve victory over their would-be conquerors. The newly-named Knights of Malta sent galleys that fought in the Battle of Lepanto, which was featured at the climax of  “The Merchant, the Janissary and the Corsair.” My novel about the Hospitallers is called “The Grand Master.” I’ve since written several more: a fantasy entitled “The Land of Layo-la” and a crime thriller I've titled “Sky Angel.” I have a science fiction thriller I’ve titled, “The Fissure of Rolando.” It concerns brain transplants and (of course), a plot to take over the world. Since then I wrote a Falco reboot, a domestic thriller, and am now concurrently working on a dystopian tale and a pandemic serial killer thriller.

If you’ve read this, know that I'm grateful for your interest and hope to hear from you.

— Randall Moore

Author Photos

This shot was taken around 10:30 pm in Paris. Amazing how much later it gets dark at that latitude. Living in the Boise area now, light is very similar to Paris.

Reading in Memphis

A personal highlight to reunite with my dear college friend, Dr. Reginald Martin, Ph.D., MFA of the University of Memphis, and give a reading of my epic novel, “The Brothers Tremaine.”

May God bless the memory of my late friend. He died far too young and has influenced me in so many ways. I based 2 characters on him and another after his surviving brother. May you rise on the wings of angels, Reggie.

My tribute on his passing is on my blog page on this site.


After growing up near-sighted, I get to live the rest of my life far-sighted. What a miracle cataract surgery is, the most performed surgery in the world according to my ophthalmologist.

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