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Some photos and cover elements I've created or were inspired by.

The Canadian Rockies on the way to Jasper.

Spectacular Saugus sunrise.

Photo collage for the back cover of The Roof of the World.

View into the restaurant at the Kuntshistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria.

Goofing off in the huge central park in Athens, Greece

One of my favorite low-rent Halloween outfits: the ever-dependable nail through the head.

The back cover for A Taste of Death.

Actual artwork from the Florentine Codex for The 13th Book. I like to post it for Indigenous People's Day.

A map I enjoyed referring to while writing The Merchant, the Janissary and the Corsair.

Back cover for The Noble Heart.

Vienna street scene during the Christmas Markets.

From a location that figured in my novel A Taste of Death. Beautiful, no?