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My New Place - a Falco tale

I used my time in Salt Lake City finishing all the Tarzan novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Among his works was a collection of short stories that filled in gaps in Tarzan's life and several later pieces—a few novellas and short stories.

That inspired me to write a short story about concerning Falco after he changed and just before he moved into his Broderick Tower condos. The sixth novel in the series was finished in 2016 and it was fun to return to the character at a time of transition early in the first novel when he's still completely alone. Going forward I can envision writing more short works. I have a fully developed world with its own cosmology and recurring characters to write about. Since I have fleshed out the series, I only have to briefly mention facts without needing to offer explanations.

I continue to write my 30s noir with Chinese investigator, Nick Wong.

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