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Great review for A World Without Men

One of the first editorial reviews I got for this book. The reviewer asked to interview me and I answered her questions. Follow the link to the review and click on the interview at the bottom. I had a lot of fun thinking about and answering the questions.

A World Without Men by Randall Moore is a story of an intense conflict that develops when a single-gender society of women is faced with the possibility of unheralded change.

Imagine Eleanora Duncan’s shock when she finds out that males have not been completely eliminated from society as she was led to believe her entire life. Eleanora has grown accustomed to a culture in which women’s eggs are harvested and stored for use in factories where babies are grown outside the womb. Sexual liaisons with other women are a normal part of everyday life, and women in powerful positions secretly own men for their own pleasure.

Eleanora’s life takes a dramatic turn after she meets an adult male named Peter, who is purchased in a clandestine auction by the highest bidder. Peter suffers physical abuse at the hands of his owner and retaliates, which puts his life in peril. If Peter, who is considered illegal, is discovered, he will be arrested and executed. Eleanora wants to protect Peter, and the two of them go into hiding. If Eleanora is caught, it will mean life in prison for aiding, abetting, and harboring an illegal. Things become more complicated when a report about men being available to prestigious women of wealth and a video of Peter goes viral on social media. Women in the general population are now aware that men exist.

Moore skillfully builds suspense and amps up the tension keeping readers guessing about what will happen amid the difference of opinions on whether men should be integrated into the general population. This dilemma creates feelings of anticipation and excitement for readers as events in the story unfold. The author does an outstanding job of showing the extreme lengths people will go for a cause they are convinced justifies their beliefs and actions, no matter what the repercussions might be. Subterfuge and revelations of secretive behavior that come to light play a significant role. Some leaders in government advocate that men should no longer be illegal. In contrast, other leaders are adamantly opposed to making changes to the current mindset and use extreme measures to try and ensure that men are not allowed to become part of society.

This gripping story includes technological advancements, sexual activities, special friendships, cross-dressing, hidden agendas, internment, stalking, acts of aggression, violence, chase scenes involving flying vehicles, and power struggles that have dire consequences.

A World Without Men is a novel with unexpected twists and turns in which every single scene propels the action forward and tests the characters while taking readers on a roller-coaster ride. The story is jam-packed with spectacular action sequences that lead up to an explosive climax in which readers wait with bated breath to see if the warring factions come to an agreement.

Quill says: An intriguing and fascinating story of a volatile political situation that keeps readers on pins and needles from start to finish.

For more information on A World Without Men, please visit the author's website at:

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