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From the Independent Book Review about A World Without Men

A tantalizing political sci-fi novel where men are presumed extinct and some women are drunk with power

What would the world be like without men? Without all of the problems they’ve caused? Without all of the pain and obstacles and everything in between that men have put women through? Randall Moore reimagines this age-old scenario in a risk-taking dystopian sci-fi that will get you thinking.

When Eleanora Duncan and a few teammates discover the key to a major energy solution, she’s thrust into the inner circle of the company’s elite. Sure it’s exciting to be surrounded by higher-ups and to feel like she’s finally made it, but Eleanora is soon to find some- thing even more mind-blowing: a man.

Or multiple men.

...This story produces quite a splash. It’s a huge concept of a world that drops on you like a ton of bricks. No page goes by without entrenching us deeper into the details of this flawed futuristic world. Randall Moore takes big swings and makes some big connections in this daring science fiction novel.

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