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Boise bound

My efforts have run into the reality of moving from California to Idaho. Our house is nearly sold and our new home is nearly done. We're leaving early but will be able to live with relatives until our place is finished. I've put my querying on hold and am wondering how to handle the straggler's replies. I have an email address associated with my website so I guess I'll send those who are still considering my work my new contact. I understand that Spectrum doesn't port your emails. I'm going to have to forward the sentimental emails to my new address and continue once I'm in my new place. Writing hasn't ended though. I'm writing what for me is a departure. I'm not sure what it's about yet but there's a resonance to the writing that is both cathartic and a reminiscence of my now late friend, Reginald Martin Ph.D. MFA, professor of English at the University of Memphis. Rest in peace, Reggie. Your memory lives on in me. It starts with an aborted college romance that turns into a long distance love told through letters while each follows their own path. The man is achieving professional success while the woman's achievements in charity are threatened by the Guatemalan civil war in the late 80s. He's now putting his career on hold to search for her.

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