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Another wonderful review

This time from The Book Commentary by Cristina Prescott—5 stars. Follow the link.

Imagine a world where men are regarded as property and where it is forbidden to be with any man publicly. It has been 150 years since the incubation of men was forbidden in this dystopian society, yet some of the wealthy and the powerful people still own men while those of the lower caste incubate baby boys for sale. It is against this backdrop that Eleanora Duncan uncovers a secret that sets her on the path to a revolution that might just change the world as they know it and bring down the government. One of the men she has known in the lower caste is being maltreated by his owner. She decides to help the man and expose the abuse and betrayal of the ordinary people by the elite. A journalist working with her is arrested and she is wanted by the federal police. Her path ignites a revolution that might cause the reversal of values and even restore the status quo where men can live with women. A World without Men by Randall Moore is a spellbinding book that features elements of science fiction, dystopia, and fantasy. The author creates a world where men are used as slaves and where they are forbidden to openly live with women. The author explores how the ruling class and the powerful manipulate the masses, breaking the laws they create while reveling in hypocrisy and privileges. Eleanora, a scientist who works for Rainbow Industries — a multinational conglomerate involved in mining and manufacturing, specializing in steel and construction — becomes the symbol of change in this nuanced and deeply moving narrative. Themes of justice, humanity, equality, slavery, and fairness are brilliantly examined in this fast-paced, exciting novel. Moore has created an imaginary world that, even if it is so different from ours, reflects the hypocrisy of contemporary leaders and the divide that is so resonant to anyone following global politics. It is intelligently plotted and stunningly accomplished.

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