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Colton Lang used to be a contender. Now he’s a private detective providing occasional muscle for his old manager, a gambler, who owns a boxing gym he used to train in. He’s hired by a Mexican cleaning lady to find her missing daughter. Her late husband was a huge fan of his before he retired from boxing. His investigation leads him into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles where he uncovers a criminal alliance that threatens not only his own life but the lives of his ex-wife and son.

Before all is done, the skills he honed in the ring are brought to bear and even then he must dig deeper into his body and soul to come up with the last ounce of strength and devotion that’s needed to save the lives of those who are the most precious to him.

Colton Lang is a 1980s action crime thriller that takes us into the worlds of illegal gambling, the Mexican Mafia, the Yakuza and MS-13.


5 Stars

“Full of action, a great read. Couldn't put it down. Twists and turns to keep you on your toes.” — Barbara Mundy, Inkitt.


5 Stars

“...a lot of action...highly recommended.”


“…an action-driven story… fans of action-oriented crime novels will find things to like. The stakes for the private eye remain high throughout…”

— Kirkus Reviews 6/3/20

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William Moreau rides a Harley from town to town, carries a .45 just in case, assisting in difficult cases that require a nurse with his experience. A secret from his past haunts him.

Someone's been killing nurses and now they're stalking him. When the killer shows his hand, William flees the police instead of submitting to questioning. He needs to protect a friend and face down the killer once and for all.


5 Stars

“This fast paced thriller follows a traveling nurse, William Moreau, as he hip-hops across the country, assisting difficult patients that need his specialized skills. But trouble seems to follow him and he’s called on to use skills other than his medical training. But while he’s helping others, a crazed couple from his past is keeping tabs on those he cares for. They plan on hurting them to hurt William.
The story becomes a real cat-and-mouse chase where one misstep can lead to the deaths of everyone he cares for.
An exciting ride that pulls the reader into a harrowing reality of what would you do?”

Dave Wickenden, author of “In Defense of Innocence.”

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Following him across the cavernous expanse of the underground auditorium, they marveled at the sheer size of the space and sat in the seats while Welles continued to the console.

“Behold,” he said as he loaded the sack of Constantinople into the auditorium. The three actors were slack-jawed as they were drawn down a cobblestone alleyway in three dimensions that looked as though they could walk through it. Silhouetting the skyline was a crimson glow that could only come from fire and flame. The alley spilled into a main thoroughfare that was filled with soldiers chasing men and women down, running them through and slitting the throats of others while pulling the clothes off of some of the women who were screaming hysterically while being raped by Ottoman soldiers in the middle of the street while houses burned out of control, the flames reflecting from the rocks in the street, lighting up the faces of all.

“Moore has created an entrancing cautionary tale of what happens when technology outpaces society’s ethical boundaries for it.”

— Kirkus Reviews 2/22/19


5 Stars

This is the most fun I have had reading a sci-fi book in I don't know how long. It has everything. Hollywood, murders, madness, living” avatars and more. It didn't produce any true belly laughs for me, but still there was so much humor in the story. Moore takes everything a couple steps farther, taking the characters over the edge. Very enjoyable read.”

Connie, Goodreads

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What if the next spectacular terrorist attack originated not from a recent immigrant or the sons of immigrants, but from an American from the heartland?

After becoming radicalized in Iraq an American soldier converts to Islam and after returning stateside sets out on a mission of revenge that will shake the American homeland to its core.

First in a 6-book genre mashup series featuring cops, criminals, and a vampire vigilante.

I have a code I live by. I might be a monster, but if I limit myself to committing monstrous acts only on those who perpetrate evil, in a way I serve the living in society. At least that’s what I tell myself. I mean society hasn’t been able to find the will to kill Richard Ramirez, or Charles Manson. Leave it to me to take out the trash. I was always good at rationalizing my shrink once told me. I’ve even developed a lucrative internet business that serves a dual purpose: protecting innocents while finding scumbags to satiate my unholy compulsions.

From Falco the Dark Angel

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